I love Diane Keaton. I love her even more since she has decided to get old naturally. Now, the older she gets, the worst her choice of scenariis is. Why is that? In ” As good as it gets” she was basically saved by the unusual view of two middle aged people in love- something that we don’t see every day on the big screen. I applauded to that- hooray, getting older doesn’t mean that love and sex are lost forever. Now of course, if you look like Ms Keaton, you definitely have more chances than the average woman to find a man ( although I am not sure that Jack Nicholson would be a great find). I did see the movie twice actually – but I have to confess that it was because I absolutely fell in love with the house you could see on screen and the furniture, goodness, still makes me dream today. i may watch it again as I want to decorate my new home.
But the more movies I’ve seen with her ( like the Stone family), the more I wonder what the … I am doing there. This time we were swimming in the cliches of a mother who has 3 daughters ( one of them is just purely decorative, she has no character at all) and who worries that one of them, the youngest, will remain a spinster and end up just like herself did/ does. Now, surprise, she meets love and so does her daughter. All ‘s well that ends well. Except that I have lost a few quids to watch this- that and to see Ms Keaton hald naked ( again). What is it with the woman? When she was young, she was constantly covered up to her neck and wearing gloves. Now that she has stopped blushing when her elbow is showing, let’s go, she drops it all off and makes YOU blush. Okay she looks really really good. Let’s be bitchy, no woman who ever gave birth to a baby can look like this. But I still believe that she has more talent than that.
Ms Keaton, wake up. You used to have a brain. Use it. Forget your bum, it is great, now we can confirm. And yes you’ve lost a good occasion to show it before. I guess than now is better than later and also that the publicity is much more rewarding at this stage of your life, but you know, well…come back. Please?

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