So far I have nothing to say. My weight has stabilized and I eat like a pig at the moment. I suspect that if I do this for much longer I might head for trouble but it turns out this weekend that I am not tha hungry anymore again. I blame my hormones. I snacked on sugar mainly.
I need exercise – which is complicated at the moment as I am staying with my in-laws while our house is getting fixed/ rebuilt/ redone/redecorated by my darling and truly wonderful husband. I have to sort this out.
I am being told though that I am lucky as I don’t look bad and I am already above 40 for god’s sake. I am thinking of ageing gracefully- i.e. ignoring it fully. My kids keep me busy anyway. By the time the last one will be out of the house I will have grand children from the eldest so someone will love me anyway, wrinkles and all.
Now I want my husband to keep thinking that I have the greatest bum in the world- among a few other things.
This is going to be fun.

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