I believe I already narrated the fact that I think we should get prepared for our New Year’s resolutions- in order for them not to fail , or at least, not to fail too quickly. One of my resolutions was to lose some weight, if possible without a specific diet. I used Paul McKenna cd – that promises you to get you there without pain and/or effort. Too good to be true, yes, but I was willing to give it a go.
So far, so good. Really? Yes. I’ve listen to the cd before Christmas and didn’t put on any weight during the festivities. I listen to it again before the New Year, and I started losing weight. So far, we are talking 2kgs – or 4 pounds- which is almost half of what I’d like to lose. I noticed that I am sometimes slightly hungry and conscious of it, which I find alright. I’ve stop snacking and I touched chocolate only once – without guilt. I certainly eat less but it doesn’t seem to bother me. So I am satisfied. We shall see how it all continues. From experience I do know that when you use NLP you have to repeat the exercises- or in this case the listening of the cd- regularly and several times for it to work. So I shall listen to it again this weekend.
I am still testing the method, but if it goes on lke this, I may not have to test another and I shall be done by the end of the month with my weight loss resolution!
Now there is no magic- you still have to have some discipline. But there is definitely no pain involved, and no frustration. And I am eating anything I like- less of it, but I don’t miss the part I am not having, so….
Good start of the year.

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