Now …Jodie Foster has a new speciality – playing in movies that could have been good action movies but fail to do so. Too bad. I suspect that the Hannibal series have more or less killed her career- although ” The silence of the lamb” is a really good classic.
Luckily for her, she just has a small second role in it. The main characters – played by Denzel Washington and Clive Owen – are more interesting, but there is a “but”. Although Washington has the best role- with a few twists that make his performance all the more enjoyable-, Owen remains obscure as we don’t understand where he comes from and where is going . The fact we know all through the movie where he is now doesn’t make it any better.
The plot is more idealistic than I am, which tells you all you should know. It is about a robbery, but not a common one. It has a nice ending, where people turn out to be simply human. I won’t watch it twice but it is not too bad.

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