This is a Kiwi movie that I received for Christmas from a very dear friend. He’s Kiwi too so that might explain his choice…I received a few dvds from him, all of them with the word “warrior”in the main title. He is also a trader- and my mentor- and the other dvds were about trading. I suspect that he’s trying to tell me something…
Anyway, “Once were warriors” is an 18 rated movie. It depicts the life of a family that suffers from internal violence and what the English people like to call abuse. It is not a funny movie in any way but it is definitely worth seeing. What I found most interesting is the selfishness of parents who put their children in a world of violence and refuse to take any responsability for it, even when they are the abusers. I know, it is a common pattern, and if it were any different, then …you wouldn’t have a story. But at the end of the day, isn’t it the parents responsability to give their children the best possible world?. Oups, sorry, I’m becoming idealistic.
I’ve heard that there is a part 2. I expect my friend to give it to me for my birthday although I believe there is no ” warrior” in the main title.

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