I guess that if you read this one, you know what I’ve been going on about. We ordered two computers, they got lost, twice, by DHL, sent again then Alienware started being incoherent about what would happen next. They finally decided to cut the suspense once we asked for a compensation – so far we had stayed 4 entire days at home in the hope we would be there for the delivery of the goods, spend many hours on the phone in order to try to get the goods ( I believe my husband had not far from 30 phone calls with Alienware- and then they say women spend hours on the phone) and by Thursday this week we had abandoned all faith in the power of communication. We were told that Alienware doesn’t do compensation but we should still complain nonetheless, The computers would be sent through DHL once again ( is it stupidity from their part or loyalty, I wouldn’t know). We were also told that the computers should be with us on Thursday at the latest in a spin version of the last interlocutor my hubby had the honour to talk to. Nothing happened on Thursday. But on Friday morning we were advised that DHL had the computers and miracle they had arrived at Heathrow. Nobody was able to leave Heathrow on that day, more or less,due to the fog that delayed hundreds of passengers but here you go, never ask stupid questions. So we waited to see if DHL in London was able to hold on to the goods until they’d reach our doorstep, and they did.
So after an intolerable suspense we finally didn’t need backup. The leads were missing, but hey, nobody’s perfect. My kids can know open the boxes and look at their gift with tears in their eyes. They will wait until next year before using them, which is nothing compared to the anguish we had to go through.

Next year, I am giving them money.

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