We all have heard about this one. Two lovely girls ( tongues out gentlemen please) AND Eric Bana. Guys and gals are salivating. History is happily revised, the story of ambition and love of two sisters who are living opposite in the midst of their dirty family plans is quite a program for a movie. Quite cleverly done ( you don’t need a PHD to follow the plot suttleties), you can still see that strong women have to submit to their males counterparts otherwise they have to be ready to pay the heavy consequences ( in these days, it was your head off. Nowadays, a guy who is half as qualified as you are is paid double). Neither portman nor Johansson are entirely convincing in their roles and for some reason I believe that if the director had been a tad more perverse he could have achieved a masterpiece had he inverted the roles of the leading ladies, but hey, it is not my job after all.<br />
Eric Bana is good. I liked him a lot in ” Munich”- a movie that deserves better and is worth watching. It is quite nice to see English people acting as low as Machiavel – although they don’t seem too good at it. I’d give this a five out of ten. At least Keira Knightley was not in it.

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