I like Mr Coben ‘s style. His books are page turners and you can’t put them down before you’ve known the end. Result- I usually start them at 10pm, keep reading until 1am then can’t sleep until I have finished it all- typically you can add two more hours of reading. This said I don’t like his Myron Bolivar’s stories and don’t bother buying them anymore. For the ones who speak French ( I believe he hasn’t been translated into English so far) and who will know what I talk about he gives me some reminiscence of another writer called Paul -Loup Sulitzer. And Sulitzer goes on my nerves easily – except for one of his books called ” Cartel”- his masterpiece in my humble opinion.
Anyway- back to Coben last novel. This one is about – once again- a guy who’s being caught up by his past, his lies and his personal tragedies. Nobody around him seems to be immune to the rules of ” we can’t be all black or white or good or bad”, which of course creates an entanglement of deceptions and redemption. Sadly Coben has a tendency to come back to one last twist- it is almost becoming a ritual- of threatening at the very last moment the hero’s last support. It is a tad annoying and not very original but in this last opus, it fits the bill perfectly. You see the long term practice – every detail has its importance- and you end up satisfied. The only thing that marvels me is that except for ” Tell no one” I don’t thin k any of his best sellers has been put on the big screen- but I am confident that this situation will soon be corrected.
Go, Coben, go!

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