Based on the true story of Ruth Etting, this movie scandalized Dors Day ‘s fans who complained that she didn’t play her trademark happy-go-lucky character. Well, she did well. Although I suspect that the story has been twisetd enough to make Ruth Etting appear at best as a victim of her ambition and of her violent husband, at worst as a manipulator who still had to pay a hefty price for it, I must admit tha Doris Day played it well enough – I mean ambiguity here- to let you be the judge and enjoy the whole story. James Cagney plays very well the thick gangster who is not as simple as he seems. He was nominated for an oscar or an award for this role- which is absolutely well deserved.
For the fans of the oldies, a good moment in perspective.
The film – like any Hollywood production- closes on hope and a potential happy ending. In real life, this was half true. The love story survived alright but her career sunk because of the facts. Here you know. But what am I talking about?

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