That is a guy movie. Made by a guy, for guys, with a beer and a fag if possible in one hand. Good lord, it is violent, gory, twisted, mean, almost comical and if it had been written in a comic before, I wouldn’t be surprised. The director is spotless and the whole thing doesn’t let you think – a trademark of our times I am afraid. But there wasn’t any loopholes that don’t get stitched, so it was okay.
The subject? Eeerr…A Mafia boss has a younger rival, who ‘s been caught red handed- more or less. The FBI decides to put him under witness protection in order to get charges against the old boss- who’s responsible for more factions. But there is a contract passed on their prey- for a million dollars. Professional killers of all boards want to get the prize. SO of course, it turns nasty…And the nastier, the better for us.
Not a movie for the kids, I am afraid- not before a very long time. I am honest enough to say that it was a good one for the genre, although this is not my genre at all.
A must for the blokes.

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