I went with my husband to London on Thursday in order to follow Drs Ron & Edie Perry ‘s seminar about PPT. If you want to understand better what it is all about I’d suggest you have a look at this address: www.entrance.me.co.uk. As for me, although I still see NLP as a very useful and interesting tool, my interest is actually vanishing a bit for all disiplines related to it. So I didn’t exactly dragged my feet to get there, but I wondered if I had made the right decision by going. You see, I was probably more interested in watching the DOW and testing this new strategy that is actually entirely mine. Nevermind.
I was very pleasantly surprised. I had met the Perrys in Novemebre during a one day seminar about PPT. They are clever, witty and very kind- which is considered quite unusual in England when you want to qualify Americans. Their discipline – a derivative of Fedenkrais, bodywork & NLP- gives without a doubt results. It demands though dedication and miracles are not accomplished in one go; I witnessed though a firend of ours who suffers from MS go through one consultation of 35 minutes regain mobility in one foot, have better posture and be able to walk almost straight ( still supported by crutches though) despite the fact that he was exhausted. My friend said that the pain was still there and that the treatement in itself seemed quite difficult when you are on your own, but as a witness I could see a very clear difference in his movements and posture which was definitely convincing that this treatment was working.
So I was curious to learn what I could during these 3 days. How to get rid of arthritis, straithen backs, get shoulders and hips re aligned, send to no-where Land headaches, colds, sciaticas, and more…I was game for it. The good side was that you don’t need to be a doctor or a physiotherapist to understand the principles. A little knowledge of bones and muscles position helps; a hint of basic in mechanics is a plus. Being an absolute ignorant in both departements, I was slightly worried I might mess up. And there was one of the culprit: you can’t mess up. If you listen to your patient and follow the advice and learning of the Perrys, there is no way you can do any damage. In the very worst of case, you’ ll have no effect at all. In the medium range , you will see some progress towards the path of health. In the best cases, you will have a patient who will ask you how you bloody did it.
Trading remains my passion and my work. I suspect that my dear husband will invite me sometimes to give him a hand – literally, or two- when he has a complex or long case. I am very happy I learned something so useful as it makes quite a difference in the little problems of mobility that occur with older age.
I spent my time and my money wisely. I can only hope that more people will get involved in the process. The Perrys are excellent teachers and as human beings absolutely delightful. Long Live PPT! I can be literal again!

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