I have a soft spot for Sandra Bullock. I find her choice of scenariis interesting and quite diversified although she’s a bit typecast when it comes to romantic comedies. Anyway. This movie was on sale so I decided to give it a go despite the very bad reviews it had received.
I actually found out that it was not that bad. Not very exciting or imaginative, although the starting idea was not bad- a man and a woman fall in love through the letters they send to each other. Problem is: for her it is year 2006, for him it’s 2004. Are they going to break the loop? Of course they are, you great neenee. It is a romantic comedy, remember?
For once Keanu Reeves showed a bit more sentiment onscreen and Sandra Bullock was less bubbly then usual. They were not bad together- but it wasn’t their frist time either.
I have to confess that I watched it while I was doing a week worth of ironing, so I might be twisted.

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