Anthony Hopkins is typecast, sadly, since playing Hannibal. This means that his roles oscillate between the cold blooded sadistic murderer and the humanist idealistic man who comes towards the end of his life. Great. In this movie, Hannibal is back, with a bit more of humour.
The story is simple: a man discovers his wife is cheating on him. He has some pride so he decides to kill her and perform what seems to be the perfect murder. But then he comes across his Nemesis, although at first he appears to be his salvation. Ryan Gosling in the role of the arrogant young prosecutor ( I think that’s what he is) is quite brilliant. Although the movie has some lengths and is a tad too much clean, the story remains catching and the frustartion keeps building up throughout the entire session. When the end comes, you just go ” ahhh”. Of course. All the keys were there, since the beginning. Everything is perfectly logical and polished. It is a great movie to watch on dvd.
Gosling is an actor I am looking forward to see again. His sad puppy’s eyes don’t always do the trick but his acting is impeccable. Hopkins is Hopkins. That’s okay.

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