So while we were in Lille we went to see ” Happy Feet” with all the children including Eugenia for who it was a first.
A friend of mine described the movie as cute with cute characters and I expected puking was compulsory. But also he was right and the whole thing was really Hollywood style ( you have a cute penguin born different from his people who at the end saves the day and get them to get into his shoes while on the way winning the heart of the best chicas of the lot) it turned out that something new was pointing out. The whole plot was political. It had a green message, which at the moment is hype, cool, in, you name it. We were showing our kids the results of the extremes we go to in order to put fish on our plates. In the process we deprive the wildlife that was there before us and leave them to their fate when they obviously don’t have a voice that we can hear or understand. So now our children know how selfish and greedy we are and the fact that we don’t take our responsabilities of protecting the weakest very seriously- although in this movie they end up with some hope and a message that is barely disguised: if you want something to happen, go and do it yourself.
Now, before I turn into Brigitte Bardot, was the message really about animals only? Or wasn’t it also about the cute pets most of us have at home, that we feed and cuddle but not always listen to, called the children? What about them? Aren’t we doing to them exactly what we are doing to some other kinds?. Now the movie’s ending is optimistic – even though at no point do we truly see the effects of the hero’s efforts. Will our end be that optimistic too?
I want more political movies for kids. The messages are all subliminals.

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