As I mentioned before I am in the Uk at the moment – England for the ones who wonder. While I was watching ” The history boys” at the cinema, one of the character in the movie said that he was Muslim. ” Bastards!” cried a man among the viewers. I turned my head in his direction and so did my husband. But no one else did.
So what is the big deal here? English people are afraid of terrorism. Like most Americans as far as I know. Mr Bush has been quite relentlessly making propaganda for his war against terrorism. But a word like this is just a notion, an act; who hides behind it? Wars are not made by ideas but by men. Turns out that a bunch of extremists Muslims are now the ennemy. Mind you, in England the word is out that by 2025, the majority of the population will be Muslim. You can see necks sink into shoulders when you mention the fact. But so what? These people are already here. We talk to them, work with them, eat with them every day- and we don’t notice. Why? Because they are normal. They have nothing to do with the extreme that we fear so much and they are as shocked and as disgusted as we are. Worse now, they have to be associated with the shame – just because their beliefs have the same roots. Now wait a minute…I read the Coran and I read the Bible. They both say something similar: that was their God had to be the first God. Not the only one, the first before the others. So far, so good. But hey, listen, there is a twist: the Coran was brought to men by the archangel Gabriel- the same archangel who came to tell Mary that she was expecting the son of God according to the Bible. Two different religions, created by the same guy. Do you feel dizzy? It’s about time.
I don’t believe in God- I think I’ve said that before. I don’t believe in magic either or in aliens or in an overpowering energy of some sort. I do not believe that we are gods either, or part of him. I am a sad sod. What you see is what you get. And what I see, what the Bible and the Coran say, is that we are all the same.
Now go and blame someone else.

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